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We Are All Better Together!

AT FavorNation we believe that we are all better together than we are alone. Groups are available year-round. Join a Group and grow your relationship with GOD and others.

What is Clusters?

Whether you are a mature Christian or you are simply exploring Christianity for the very first time, FavorNation takes its role in serving your spiritual growth very seriously.  Clusters is designed to offer an opportunity for both large-group teaching and small-group (Huddle) discussion on a variety of focused topics (Conflict, Purpose, Books of the bible etc.) Each series covers relevant material with a fresh perspective on current application.

At each meeting you will have a facilitator lead the discussion and offer up questions for the group to answer. The goal is to encourage each other along this spiritual journey and to provide spiritual insight and revelations to everyday circumstances. Each meeting lasts about one hour and thirty minutes. Locations may very with in a series.

While participating in our groups is not mandatory for citizens (members)
we think that to get the most out of your FavorNation experience
everyone should attend at least one Clusters Series.

Who Can Attend Clusters?

Anyone can join our Clusters meetings. You do not have to be a member (citizen) of FavorNation to participate. However, we do not allow anyone to join a series mid session. We all start and finish together.So just sign up for the next session if one has already launched.
Whats New?

Contact our Clusters Lead to learn more about our next session.

Stay in the Know

For announcements & details visit our Clusters Blog

Join Clusters

If you are interested in additional information on Clusters, it is as easy as emailing

and someone will contact you to get you all set up.

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