Next Steps

Next Steps

Join FavorNation

There is no better community for a family to belong to than the local church. We are excited you made FavorNation the place your family calls home to reach its full potential in Jesus Christ. Belonging to FavorNation includes serving, giving, and participating in the vision and mission. We know that we are all better together and with your help we will change our communities and the entire world for Christ.
Fill out a Link Card to become a member!

Volunteer at FavorNation

If you have already joined and have become a Citizen of FavorNation then it’s time to get involved.  You can volunteer for a Serve Team and/or join a fellowship ministry. There are many opportunities to serve with your church family weekly. We want each Citizen to find an area that meets their passion and personality. Welcome!

Get Baptized

Baptism is the outward expression of your faith that lets the world know your commitment to follow Jesus. It's the opportunity to GO PUBLIC with your faith. 

Submit a Prayer Request

Prayer changes things! Prayer is an intimate and transparent conversation we have with GOD. We believe that our prayers must be based on GOD’s Word with faith applied. When we pray the promises and not the problems, this will cause all opposing circumstances to come in line with the word of GOD.
When you send your prayer requests, our prayer team of intercessors come together in agreement and unity for your specific needs.