Just Married, Meet Still Married!

No longer bound by calendar dates! Do something new and different because you want to express your love for what God has given to you!
Hey Just Married, Meet STILL Married! 
Wow. What a surprise and brought home to me today just because it's Thursday of our anniversary month.
Twenty-eight roses (one for each year) with me being number 28! (Yes she can be a rose also!) Brought home today and given to me WHILE still dressed in my "carpets, laminate floor, granite and natural stone day" aka domestic engineering wear.  Yes, I looked a HOT MESS (lol), and yes I clean my own home (lol).

Capture that Real life moment just as we are!
You see for Tonnie and I, marriage is deeper than - and not just about - the  big houses, big cars, big stones, name brand outfits, hair styles, the wedding day, the dollar bills, or the physical. It's a divine connection of spirit,  soul, heart and mind. The intimacy that SEALS GOD’s VOWS and allows us to remember what we said nearly 29 years ago to GOD:  
For better or worse
For richer or poorer
In sickness and in health
'Til death do us part!

Peace and blessings are without bounds!
Written by Francina R. Harrison, MSW, 4Keeps Marriage Ministry
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